Special Counsel For Labor And Employment Matters

An Efficient, Cost-Effective Solution To Your Employment And Labor Law Needs

Every business needs access to legal advice that is both prompt and reliable. In-house counsel typically fulfills these needs, but most businesses in Puerto Rico cannot afford a full-time lawyer as their internal counsel for labor, employment and benefit matters.

Many businesses try to approximate dedicated in-house counsel by relying on general legal practitioners or retaining the services of a large or mid-size law firms, that typically bill at high hourly rates. Other employers try to control costs by retaining the services of non-attorney HR professionals.  In all these cases there are always tradeoffs between cost, knowledge/experience and ongoing availability. Moreover, in the case of HR professionals, they cannot provide legal advice and the communications or information disclosed are not protected by the attorney-client privilege. Thankfully, a better solution exists for businesses in Puerto Rico.

The Capó Law Office was established to address the unanswered business need for counseling and representation by a labor and employment law attorney with extensive counseling and litigation experience, but on a low monthly fixed rate basis or at a significantly discounted hourly rate for regular clients. Frequently, these services can be utilized while maintaining the client’s other law firm for matters not covered by the arrangement with the Capó Law Office.

What The Firm Can Do For You

The firm provides legal services to employers and other lawyers in the following circumstances:

  • When there is a need for ongoing experienced counseling in labor and employment matters for a fixed low monthly retainer. This arrangement ensures clients the 24-7 availability of an experienced labor and employment lawyer, without the overhead cost of an in-house employee. Clients also avoid being subjected to higher billing rates charged by comparable outside legal counsel. Finally, they also avoid their legal matters being delegated to less experienced lawyers.
  • When employers or insurance companies wish to retain an experienced labor and employment counsel on a fixed monthly retainer basis, to coordinate, establish and manage budgets and/or oversee litigation handled by other lawyers. This “project manager” engagement is particularly useful when the client does not have an “in-house” employment law lawyer to perform such oversight and coordination functions.
  • When the employer or other lawyer needs the support of an experienced labor and employment law attorney for workplace investigations; HR audits and compliance; employment law and HR specific projects; labor and employment law or HR “in-house” trainings; or lobbying and government monitoring of Puerto Rico employment developments.
  • When the employer or the retained HR professional wishes to protect a workplace audit or investigation from subsequent disclosure risks by cloaking same with the “attorney-client privilege” or when they need a “legal opinion” with regard any employment contract or policy.
  • As independent representation for corporate officers, executives and senior professionals in employment contracts and negotiations, and when they are co-defendants in employment lawsuits.
  • When a multinational, national or local law firm needs the assistance of an experienced labor and employment law attorney on a low fixed retainer or significantly discounted hourly rate basis.

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